New things, used things, brewed things, bruised things – New blog!

Thank you everyone for visiting my humble blog. In many ways this was a failed experiment though I have learned a great deal from it; in that sense it was highly successful. I’ve started a new fresh shiny one to give, hopefully, a more-or-less permanent public outlet for presence in the polytheistic, devotional, occult, and pagan communities. It’s been a long time coming and hopefully I’m ready for it (hint: I’m not). Find it here:

I’ll be migrating some of the material from the Coffee at Midnight blog; that was intended to be a home for my arts n crafts stuff but that never quite worked out. Turns out blogging is hard. 

I am amazed and flattered that people have continued to show an interest in my work and in my practice. I’m notoriously private but many of the personal goals I have set involve becoming more active and visible in these particular communities. After all, learning is easiest when you show up for class and you, my readers and my world, are my most noble instructors. I am grateful for your support.



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