New prayer bead listings

The long weekend has allowed me to finish, photograph, and list many new items. I might even get caught up entirely. (Haha, no; probably not.)

I recently found several jewelry items from the 80s – 90s that integrated perfectly with my bead stash. I’ve made around eight new stings of prayer beads using some really excellent materials. I now have a bunch of coppery-gold natural pearl beads, some unfinished coral, and loads of beautiful glass beads. Some went into this pastel set.

The primary beads are softly faceted and richly colored. They look and feel beautiful. This set features a shiny silver tone charm with an abstract floral design; it’s long enough to loop around your wrist two or three times. Round light blue frosted glass beads divide the string into portions for easy tracking of rounds and cycles.

Next is a string combining pearl beads with some vintage glass beads.

The pearls have a light, delicate feel and so would be perfect for someone who finds glass or stone beads too heavy and uncomfortable for use in meditation. The natural coloration of each pearl varies somewhat – some are green, others mauve, others slightly yellow – they all share a coppery-gold-champagne color. A silver tone charm completes the set.

And last (for now) is a set of pocket prayer beads featuring a tiny cat charm. This chaplet set incorporates some sunny yellow vintage glass beads with bright blue round glass beads.

People who frequently say prayers or send healing energy to animals in need will find these beads a helpful aid in focus. Though a cat charm is featured, the well-being of all animals was in mind during the design and creation of this piece.

The charm is only half an inch tall and features extraordinary detail. A fluffy tail and even a tiny cat smile are visible.

I have several other prayer beads that will be listed this week. Looking for something in particular? Comment and let me know; I just might have the perfect piece waiting in the queue. I can also make custom prayer beads that reflect your personal practice.

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