Weekend projects

I finally received some strings of carnelian beads I ordered a while back. Though these are intended for a personal project, I might share some pictures as the piece develops. With any luck, there will be some left over for bracelets or prayer beads for the shop. I got an assortment of colors, like those pictured below, with an emphasis on darker shades. I also got a couple strings of pinky-orange ones specifically.

http://geology.com/rock-tumbler/gemstones/carnelian.shtmlI’m especially drawn to the depth of color that carnelian beads have, as well as their stunning natural variation. So many colors and metal tones can be used together with carnelian and the result is beautiful every time. Though I personally find stone a little too heavy for jewelry and large strings of prayer beads, bracelets and small items are just the right weight for me. That said, I think the beads I bought are going to end up in some kind of necklace.

Speaking of necklaces, I have some plans for a line of beautiful glass and chain necklaces modeled after a particular piece I own. This is the necklace that I’ve brought out for very special occasions, including various aspecting and channeling work I’ve done in ritual. It’s the one that people are most drawn to in my very small collection of jewelry and it’s one that came to me from someone who used to be very important to me. It’s not a complicated piece but it’s one with endless creative possibilities. I’m currently collecting all the pieces I’ll need to make several of these necklaces. I’ll make some inspired particularly by goddesses and feminine Powers (and hey, let’s just say Powers in general) and some that are more fashion-oriented.

Through making these prayer beads and scarf pins I’ve discovered just how much I love working with glass. It’s a fascinating material, at once incredibly ancient and always new and exciting. I like the weight and feel of it a great deal and its visual texture is very engaging. I’ve had a passing interest in lamp work since childhood and I’m fascinated by glass blowing. Of course, since my life is nothing but a series of projects and creative endeavors, I have no idea when I’d find time to learn even the fundamentals but hey, it could happen eventually.

Watch this weekend for another couple prayer beads added to the store. One piece I’m especially pleased with (pictured below) is designed to facilitate deeper levels of meditation through a spiral or labyrinth visualization. I think it would be quite a powerful tool for someone who resonates strongly with spiral and labyrinth imagery.

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