New prayer beads in the shop

Today I finally  updated a few shop listings! It’s been a while in coming. I have a heap of other prayer beads that will be added a little at a time. Click the pictures or in-text links to be taken to the individual listings. (Looking for something in particular? I just might have it. I can also make a custom set with your choice of materials and charms.)

First is a small, chaplet-sized set of prayer beads featuring softly faceted vintage glass beads in a rich wine red. Twenty red beads are divided into five sections by round matte glass black beads; brass tone spacers are found throughout. The string is finished by a gold tone charm with a Chartres-style labryinth; the design is featured on both sides.

Gold Labyrinth and Vintage Red Glass Prayer Beads

My other favorite set from this batch is one made almost entirely of vintage and reclaimed materials. The floral connecting element and the brass key are new; the rest of the materials are reclaimed from vintage jewelry and then rearranged into an elegant and romantic set of prayer beads.


Red Glass Prayer Beads With Small Brass Key

This string is long enough to loop over the wrist a couple times. It’s quite distinctive and lovely.


Coral Prayer Beads With Silver Seashell

Next is a lightweight set sized to wear on a wrist or be carried in a pocket. This string is also primarily made with reclaimed beads. I’m fairly certain the beads are fashioned from coral; I asked a couple experienced beaders and that’s what they thought, as well. These aren’t the plastic-looking coral beads you might be familiar with. Each bead is entirely unique with its own coloration and texture. They range in color from beige to bright pink; multiple shades are swirled together, making this a surprisingly detailed piece that is best appreciated in person.

And finally, this string with pearl beads and a pretty silver tone key charm. This string is made primarily with new materials and features 48 champagne colored genuine pearls. Faceted glass beads surround four silver tone beads with delicate flower images. This is a more substantial piece that can be easily looped a couple times around your wrist.

Pearl Prayer Beads With Key

Pearl Prayer Beads With Key

A little organza bag is included with each order so you can easily store your beads when they’re not in use. Since many pagans have asked me how to get started in a prayer bead practice, I’ve included a pamphlet that has some suggestions. I’m also going to make a couple blog posts about using these special tools, so watch for that if you’ve been curious about these items.

Layaway is available on these items; please message me first if you would like to use this option. 30% is required initially; the remaining amount can be divided into convenient payments.

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