Three New Prayer Beads

Just added: Golden Seahorse with vintage coral, Blue Crescent Moon with cobalt glass beads, and Peacock Star prayer beads.


Blue Moon Prayer Beads – meditation, lunar goddess, healing, moon magick, prayers

This string features 40 deep blue pearlized glass beads separated by light blue frosted glass beads. Suggestive of the night sky, this set of beads would be perfect for connecting with lunar Powers, celestial and cosmic energies, and one’s own psychic gifts. This set is $18.

Next is a set made with vintage coral beads selected for their rich pink color. A detailed golden seahorse finishes the string. These have a sweet, healing energy that is perfect for self-healing, ocean magick, and for connecting with Powers related to coastal waters. Only $19.


Golden Seahorse with Coral Beads – meditation, prayer beads, mantra beads, distance healing, ritual, worry beads

And last is a beautiful set of prayer beads with twenty glass multicolored peacock beads, ten cobalt blue beads, and oval smoky vintage glass beads separating the sections; a sparkling silver tone star finishes the set. These have a regal weight and appearance, and so would be ideal for connecting with Powers like Juno. The shifting colors also suggest one’s own shifting identities and the power of liminal spaces. At just $21, this set would make and excellent gift for yourself or someone you love.

Peacock Star Prayer Beads - concentration, meditation, prayer, contemplation, healing magick

Peacock Star Prayer Beads – concentration, meditation, prayer, contemplation, healing magick

Every set of prayer beads comes with its own organza bag for storage and transport. I also include a free pamphlet with suggestions on how to use your prayer beads in your personal spiritual practice.

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