New altar icon necklaces – Green Gems, Purple Butterfly II, Red Key

Just added to the Etsy shop: Three new necklaces for altar icons!

First is Purple Butterfly II, a double stranded necklace with silver tone floral beads and a butterfly charm. Iridescent purple and lavender glass beads and faux pearls give this a youthful, spring-like energy that would be perfect for any Power concerned with rebirth, rejuvenation, and transformation.

Hades is such a handsome model! He received His own necklace for being so patient with me.

Next is one of my favorites. This little necklace is made with very small beads so it has a very delicate drape. Bronze tone spacers, champagne pearls, and gold tone flowers give this an elegant, slightly old-fashioned appearance. I personally associate this piece with personal power, growth, and transformation though it would make a lovely gift for any Power you’re fond of.
redkey2And finally is a green glass bead necklace featuring a silver tone floral charm. I personally thing this charm looks a lot like a fruiting mandrake plant, so I’ve been saving it for a special project. Perhaps you’ll agree that this is a pretty good project to use it on.

green1This necklace also features some champagne pearls and silver tone floral beads along with shiny green glass seed beads. The piece has a lovely body and weight and would look nice on altar icons ranging in size.

See something you like? Want me to set it aside for you? Just let me know!

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