New shop listings!

Whew! It’s been a busy few weeks so I haven’t been as attentive to my blog as I want to be. I’ve been busy taking pre-orders for Worshiping Loki: A Short Introduction and I’ve also been preparing for Many Gods West taking place at the end of the month. I’ll provide an update on the status of Worshiping Loki pretty soon; some materials I ordered came in so I’ll share some pictures here.

I’ve also been making lots of new deity icon necklaces for the shop. There’s more than ten just waiting around for me to take their picture. Six were photographed and listed today; the rest will follow in similar batches.


First is a black and white necklace featuring rich, opaque black glass beads. The bicone beads are acrylic so the edges won’t scratch even icons with a delicate finish. blackdia2

Spacers with small glass gems add a little extra sparkle. Unlike most of the necklaces I made, this one is a single strand. It looks so dramatic on its own that I decided to leave it this way. This black and white necklace is $15.

Next is a bright green necklace with opaque black stone chips. This one features two metal charms with an antique silver finish.

This necklace is two-stranded so it creates a great layered effect with a rich appearance. This green and black necklace is $19grnblk3

The next necklace is features emerald green glass beads, metallic copper glass beads, and a glittery “crystal” drop as a charm. grndrop2 grndrop5

Champagne colored natural pearls and some clear glass beads finish this string. The drop is made of a dense acrylic, so it will not scratch the surface of your important statues and figures. The green necklace with the crystal drop is $19.

I was clearly in a green mood this week! This bright green necklace features lots of bright gold tone beads, including some iridescent faceted gold beads with lots of sparkle.

grngold3I‘m especially fond of the little gold tone charm. I like the abstract floral design. I have a few more of these beads so you’ll see them featured on other necklaces before long. The green and gold necklace is $19grngold5 This next necklace is probably my favorite in this current batch. I love how many different shades of purple are featured. From rich, shifting peacock to delicate lilac, there’s a lot of purple in this necklace.pheart3

Several different purple beads are found in this necklace, along with clear glass beads and silver tone spacers. A three dimensional heart charm with an antique silver finish hangs at the center. The amethyst heart necklace is $21.
pheart5Today’s final necklace offering is made with gunmetal grey glass beads, irregular pink pearl drops, irregular mocha pearl drops, and irregular orange pearl drops.

greypearls1 This necklace is a little on the longer side so it will suit larger icons very well. Hades here is 11.25 inches tall. Two clear glass beads and one opaque glass peacock bead finish this piece. This pearl necklace is $18.greypearls3You’ll see more deity icon necklaces in the shop soon. If you want any of from this batch set aside for you, just ask! I can also arrange layaway listings for these and most any other item in the shop.

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