Prayer beads now available

I’m very happy to finally list these prayer beads on my Etsy store. Three are available now; more will be added as they’re photographed.

wingedheart1This is a necklace-length string with 72 light pink glass beads with five iridescent purple spacers to help you keep track of cycles and rounds. It has a lovely, peaceful, uplifting feel to it. It would be perfect for connecting with angelic forces and Powers concerned with love, peace, and healing.


This is a set of pocket prayer beads that are perfectly sized for using on the go. They can be tucked into a pocket or purse for comfort away from home or added to a traveling altar. This string features 27 faceted pink and white beads with iridescent cobalt blue spacers. The string is finished with a Tibetan silver hamsa hand, a traditional protective symbol.

helabeadsThis is another set of pocket prayer beads. Though I designed them specifically with the Norse goddess Hela in mind, they would be well-suited for any Power concerned with life transitions, healing, and recovery. Thirteen clear white, vibrant red, and opaque black glass beads are strung on high quality beading filament; the string is finished with a single round hematite bead and a Tibetan silver star. These beads rest comfortably in your fingers and are perfectly sized for travel altars, prayer kits, and portable practice collections.

None of these prayer beads have been formally blessed but if you would like them to be dedicated to a particular Power or purpose, I can do so in a small ritual at no additional cost. If you are interested in custom prayer beads, I would be honored to help you create something that will perfectly suit your needs.

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New blank book

florentine bookJust listed in my Etsy shop, this case bound blank book has 100 unlined pages and is covered in Italian paper decorated with Renaissance-style illustrations. Metallic gold details can be seen throughout; it is a very attractive book that is perfect for all kinds of uses. It would make a lovely Book of Shadows, ritual journal, or personal prayer or poetry book. You can turn it into a personal diary or use it as a travel journal to record your thoughts and observations while away from home. This book would also make a lovely gift for someone you care about.

Like all my blank journals, each one is hand bound using traditional book binding techniques. The pages are stitched together using linen thread and then set into a rigid cover. This book is case bound, which means it has a fixed spine just like a traditional hard cover book. Unlike some of the other journals I offer, this one does not open flat and so may not be comfortable for left-handed writers or for people who wish to use two pages at once for sketching or writing. If you would like a book featuring the same paper and red book cloth binding that does open flat, just message me and I will prepare one for you.

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MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWhew, what a week! I’ve been quite busy since the release of the Odin devotional at the beginning of the month and I only have *one* copy remaining. I’m also down to my final copy of the Loki devotional, too. Tomorrow I’ll get more copies printed and I’ll spend some time making a new batch.

Thanks for the enthusiastic reception. I so pleased to have been able to offer something that people find so meaningful. And good news – I’m on the first stages of formatting the next volume. Any guesses as to who it might be for?

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Odin devotional giveaway conclusion

Thank you to everyone who participated in my first giveaway. The drawing took place this morning and the winner has been contacted by email.

There are only *two* copies of the devotional left in the shop.  I’ll certainly be making more but it’ll take a bit of time to do another run of printing and put them all together so I’d suggest getting one now if you were thinking of making a reading of the Havamal part of your Midsummer observances.

I’ve got several other devotional volumes in mind, as well as a fairly ambitious plan for a special edition release. I’ve also got a number of beading projects that I’ve been slowly completing, too. Alas, for now I’ll have to put aside a lot of my projects to focus on my jobs and some personal writing projects that have been a bit neglected.

Oh, yeah – this week I’ll be applying as a card reader at a local business that’s interested in expanding the divination services they offer. I’ve read professionally since I was around 18 but took a long break while I was in school. It’s work I really love to do and offering readings through my shop has been a great way to stretch those psychic muscles again. Even though I try to replicate as much as possible the experience of an in-person reading (I take pictures of the spread and the cards for my client and a dedicated candle is used in a ritual space), a one-on-one reading is still a unique experience.

Well, I’ve got lots to do today so I better sign off. Thanks again to everyone who participated in this contest. I’m not sure when I’ll do another drawing but I’ll be sure to let you know when I do!

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Odin devotional book giveaway!

To celebrate the release of the newest handmade devotional book in my Etsy store, I’m going to give away *one* copy of the Odin devotional.


To enter, all you need to do is comment on this post and say you’re entering. 🙂 Entries will be accepted until Monday, May 4 2015 at 11:59PM (Mountain Time). A random drawing will take place on Tuesday morning and I’ll contact the winner through the email associated with the winner’s comment.

If you want to see more pictures of this book, take a look at my last blog post. You can also take a look at the Etsy listing.

Thank you to everyone for supporting my book making ventures. This has been an exciting adventure and I can’t wait to get started on the next one! I’ve already got some paper picked out…

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Odin devotional book now available on Etsy!

Happy May Day! I’m very pleased to celebrate today with the release of a brand new hand bound devotional volume celebrating the Norse god Odin. This volume contains a translation of the Havamal (Sayings of the High One) by Olive Bray and a special bonus piece, Darra Tharlioth (the Song of the Valkyries) a selection from Lee M. Hollander’s book Old Norse Poems (1936).


The text is printed on premium 24lb paper with 25% cotton content. The papers are fully stitched using linen thread and then set into a cover decorated with imported black and blue paper. The binding is covered with black book cloth. Each copy is $30 and I’m now set up to accept credit and debit cards through my Etsy shop.


These books are cut, folded, stitched, glued, and assembled by hand; the human touch is present at every stage of development. No two volumes are exactly alike.

These books make wonderful gifts and can commemorate personal spiritual milestones or celebrate important achievements. They are ready to adorn any altar, shrine, or holy place and can be used for contemplation and study.

If you would like an Odin devotional with large print, a different type face (including the OpenDyslexic font), or a different cover, take a look at the listing for a custom Odin devotional. 

 The Loki devotional books are also available. Interested in a handmade book featuring your own magickal or religious content? I can make a unique book just for you.

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First Look at Havamal Printing

Finally! I’ve been wanting to share these for a while. The printed and folded sheets look fantastic. I’m very pleased with how this devotional is looking so far.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the title page. There’s a second text selection also included in this volume; you’ll find out about it soon!

And what’s that paper behind this stack of signatures?

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a preliminary design I’ve been working on for the altar standees. I ran a sample through the laser printer just to see how it would turn out. There are several problems, not the least of which is the low resolution that Isis herself was printed at. I’ve got some digital tricks I can try to fix that but you know what? I really wish this was in color.

isis image color copyThat’s better! Except not entirely. The text got muddy in the format conversion so yeah, I’ll probably have to send this project off to a real printer. A lot of work is going to need done before these standees are ready for production. I’ll keep working at it.

So hey, spread the word about the Odin devotionals. I’ve got signatures for seven volumes prepared. They might not all come through the binding process in sale-worthy condition (it happens) but hopefully my skills will be up to the challenge.

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Folding altar progress and Odin devotional giveaway

The little folding altar standees have been given some technical attention over the last couple days. I purchase commercial licenses for some nice rune PS brushes; this makes it much, much easier to create attractive, highly defined rune shapes in virtually any size. I also got commercial licenses for brushes that create Kemetic deity images, hieroglyphic decorative elements, and some other Kemetic/Egyptian flavored images. Sadly the entire pantheon and scope of the sacred tradition is not represented by these little brush sets but hey, we’ve got a Bastet!

In my mind I imagine these little folding altars as intimate, meaningful, and beautifully made. I imagine them with color and texture, but I’m faced with various technical limitations. I do have some printing options open to me though I have to really bring some design skills to bear in order to explore those options. Ultimately I’d like these to be $15 or less (probably around $10 or $12) but that will have to be balanced against the cost of printing.

Another challenge facing me with these standees is the issue of images. Images are a natural fit for these particular items; at the very least, a distinctively decorative quality should be evident. Many polytheist Powers are not widely represented in pictures; even if they are, a picture might not be in the public domain, might be of poor quality, or might be aesthetically unsatisfying. I’m working on drawing an image for a particular Power and eh, my skills are serviceable enough in this instance but I definitely won’t be able to create unique images for all of these. So that’s not an ideal solution, either.

But all is not lost! I’ll be discussing this project with at least one artist friend in the hopes of coming up with a solution that addresses technical, aesthetic, and economic concerns. I think these little standees are quite lovely and they offer a great deal of potential for customization and further development. I’m excited to be working on this project so don’t despair; they’ll be available at some point.

I’m also getting close to having printed sheets for the Odin devotional. Some formatting changes were made in light of the most recent content review and a new sample is being prepared. If that sample looks the way I want it to, production sheets will be made. Once those sheets are in hand, I’ll begin stitching the text blocks and assembling the covers. That will probably happen over the weekend.

And good news! I’ll be preparing *one* Odin devotional as a giveaway to celebrate this new item arriving in my Etsy store. I’m still working out the details but things should get started in the next couple days. Keep watching the blog for more details!

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New paper for new projects

This month has been spent filling orders for books, prepping stock, and planning for a couple upcoming vending opportunities. I’ve also been busy handling health stuff, so I definitely haven’t been keeping up with my blogging activities. Nonetheless, I wanted to share some of what I’ve been up to.

I bought some new paper for the forthcoming Odin devotional and for some custom devotionals I’m working on.


Isn’t it nice? It’s going to look fantastic on a book cover.

Speaking of the Odin devotional, I’m just about finished with the formatting. I want to take a look at the current version with a pair of fresh, non-migraine eyes but it’s pretty safe to say that it’s just about ready for printing. There might be new devotionals for sale by May Day!

Like I said, I’m working on a couple custom devotionals. This is an example of some of the paper that customers purchasing these items can choose from.


This is a dense, full-bodied paper with metallic gold details. The color has exceptional saturation and it will be very pleasing to the hand and eye.

Remember that cute little six-portion folding altar? I finally found a couple additional papers for that project. I can’t wait to get the other papers but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for locally. Patience and persistence is required, alas.

The first sheet is a lightweight, soft textured Nepali paper with brilliant celestial blues, dawn-worthy purples, and bright metallic copper details. The other is a creamy white paper with lots of warm metallic gold swirls.


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Devotional book update and new project ideas

Welcome to all my new followers! I use this blog to post my design and craft work At the moment I’m doing a lot with book arts though I also do specialty sewing work, embroidery, knitting and fiber work, a little beading and jewelry stuff, and oh boy, all kinds of other things. I do a lot.

I’ve got a few devotional books that I’m prepping this weekend in anticipation of shipping first thing on Monday morning and this weekend I’m picking up a few more supplies for a couple custom devotional books I’ll be beginning soon. I’ll also be starting to format the forthcoming Odin devotional book, so if that’s something you’re interested in keep an eye here.

Because my brain is always looking for some new design to think about, I’ve been turning over an idea for a smaller altar item that can function as a portable shrine or meditative space. I love the idea of portability, especially as it relates to religious practice. Plus I have all these little scraps and bits left over from the full sized books that are just too nicely sized to throw away.

Last night I sat down and made this:

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERACute, huh? Here’s a closer look:


MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA  Loki’s was first because, well, Loki but His was actually not the (only) motivating Power behind this idea. I’ve actually been getting to know a particular group of six Powers…


Six gatefold portions are therefore needed. They accordion together and will eventually have ribbons on the end to secure the temple closed.


The alternating gatefold arrangement allows for configurations like this three pointed star. The end can again be secured with the ribbons for a more secure display.

It’s so far progressing nicely. I’m going to need several more paper varieties than I currently have, which means that I’ll have to place an order with a supplier so I’ll have to save up. However, a local art store might be able to order the paper for me, which would save a lot of hassle (and possibly a little money, too). I’ll keep you updated on how these progress.

Is there a tiny temple that you’d like to have for a particular Power? I’m thinking of offering some premade ones with specific names but I’d also like to offer many blank ones so people can add their own inscriptions, images, and names.

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