Weekend projects

I finally received some strings of carnelian beads I ordered a while back. Though these are intended for a personal project, I might share some pictures as the piece develops. With any luck, there will be some left over for bracelets or prayer beads for the shop. I got an assortment of colors, like those pictured below, with an emphasis on darker shades. I also got a couple strings of pinky-orange ones specifically.

http://geology.com/rock-tumbler/gemstones/carnelian.shtmlI’m especially drawn to the depth of color that carnelian beads have, as well as their stunning natural variation. So many colors and metal tones can be used together with carnelian and the result is beautiful every time. Though I personally find stone a little too heavy for jewelry and large strings of prayer beads, bracelets and small items are just the right weight for me. That said, I think the beads I bought are going to end up in some kind of necklace.

Speaking of necklaces, I have some plans for a line of beautiful glass and chain necklaces modeled after a particular piece I own. This is the necklace that I’ve brought out for very special occasions, including various aspecting and channeling work I’ve done in ritual. It’s the one that people are most drawn to in my very small collection of jewelry and it’s one that came to me from someone who used to be very important to me. It’s not a complicated piece but it’s one with endless creative possibilities. I’m currently collecting all the pieces I’ll need to make several of these necklaces. I’ll make some inspired particularly by goddesses and feminine Powers (and hey, let’s just say Powers in general) and some that are more fashion-oriented.

Through making these prayer beads and scarf pins I’ve discovered just how much I love working with glass. It’s a fascinating material, at once incredibly ancient and always new and exciting. I like the weight and feel of it a great deal and its visual texture is very engaging. I’ve had a passing interest in lamp work since childhood and I’m fascinated by glass blowing. Of course, since my life is nothing but a series of projects and creative endeavors, I have no idea when I’d find time to learn even the fundamentals but hey, it could happen eventually.

Watch this weekend for another couple prayer beads added to the store. One piece I’m especially pleased with (pictured below) is designed to facilitate deeper levels of meditation through a spiral or labyrinth visualization. I think it would be quite a powerful tool for someone who resonates strongly with spiral and labyrinth imagery.

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New prayer bead listings

The long weekend has allowed me to finish, photograph, and list many new items. I might even get caught up entirely. (Haha, no; probably not.)

I recently found several jewelry items from the 80s – 90s that integrated perfectly with my bead stash. I’ve made around eight new stings of prayer beads using some really excellent materials. I now have a bunch of coppery-gold natural pearl beads, some unfinished coral, and loads of beautiful glass beads. Some went into this pastel set.

The primary beads are softly faceted and richly colored. They look and feel beautiful. This set features a shiny silver tone charm with an abstract floral design; it’s long enough to loop around your wrist two or three times. Round light blue frosted glass beads divide the string into portions for easy tracking of rounds and cycles.

Next is a string combining pearl beads with some vintage glass beads.

The pearls have a light, delicate feel and so would be perfect for someone who finds glass or stone beads too heavy and uncomfortable for use in meditation. The natural coloration of each pearl varies somewhat – some are green, others mauve, others slightly yellow – they all share a coppery-gold-champagne color. A silver tone charm completes the set.

And last (for now) is a set of pocket prayer beads featuring a tiny cat charm. This chaplet set incorporates some sunny yellow vintage glass beads with bright blue round glass beads.

People who frequently say prayers or send healing energy to animals in need will find these beads a helpful aid in focus. Though a cat charm is featured, the well-being of all animals was in mind during the design and creation of this piece.

The charm is only half an inch tall and features extraordinary detail. A fluffy tail and even a tiny cat smile are visible.

I have several other prayer beads that will be listed this week. Looking for something in particular? Comment and let me know; I just might have the perfect piece waiting in the queue. I can also make custom prayer beads that reflect your personal practice.

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Beautiful magnetic “pins” now available!

Just listed – eight sets of magnetic “pins” topped with sparkling glass drops. Each set includes three pair (two matching and one in a complementary color) and comes with a snapping hair clip for additional use options. An organizer card and storage bag is also included. (Click on the pictures to be taken to each specific listing.)

These pins were inspired by the many pagans in my life who head cover for religious reasons. Watching them deal with the negative reactions within and without their faith communities has been uplifting and challenging. Challenging because our faith communities should celebrate our expressions of devotion and fidelity; uplifting because these people have remained strong in the face of criticism. Simply speaking my support didn’t feel adequate. I want to offer something meaningful that, I hope, will serve you well as you explore the many expressions of head covering and modest dress available to you.

Whether you veil occasionally or frequently, as a matter of habit or as the need strikes, you deserve to feel confident and empowered. Beautiful accessories can help bring this about.

Head covering for religious, emotional, or sartorial reasons is a practice people of all genders have adopted in many places, at many times. Covering the head or hair carries many messages; these little pins can help you express exactly the message you wish to convey.

Each pin consists of two paired magnets capped with pearlized glass drops. These magnets easily stick to many metal hair accessories. Use one half of a pair for extra security at these points or experiment with hidden clips like the one pictured for additional style options. 

These magnetic pins are 1cm wide. If you would like a different size or a different style of magnetic pin, just send me a message. I’d love to help you create something special.

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Prayer beads now available

I’m very happy to finally list these prayer beads on my Etsy store. Three are available now; more will be added as they’re photographed.

wingedheart1This is a necklace-length string with 72 light pink glass beads with five iridescent purple spacers to help you keep track of cycles and rounds. It has a lovely, peaceful, uplifting feel to it. It would be perfect for connecting with angelic forces and Powers concerned with love, peace, and healing.


This is a set of pocket prayer beads that are perfectly sized for using on the go. They can be tucked into a pocket or purse for comfort away from home or added to a traveling altar. This string features 27 faceted pink and white beads with iridescent cobalt blue spacers. The string is finished with a Tibetan silver hamsa hand, a traditional protective symbol.

helabeadsThis is another set of pocket prayer beads. Though I designed them specifically with the Norse goddess Hela in mind, they would be well-suited for any Power concerned with life transitions, healing, and recovery. Thirteen clear white, vibrant red, and opaque black glass beads are strung on high quality beading filament; the string is finished with a single round hematite bead and a Tibetan silver star. These beads rest comfortably in your fingers and are perfectly sized for travel altars, prayer kits, and portable practice collections.

None of these prayer beads have been formally blessed but if you would like them to be dedicated to a particular Power or purpose, I can do so in a small ritual at no additional cost. If you are interested in custom prayer beads, I would be honored to help you create something that will perfectly suit your needs.

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New blank book

florentine bookJust listed in my Etsy shop, this case bound blank book has 100 unlined pages and is covered in Italian paper decorated with Renaissance-style illustrations. Metallic gold details can be seen throughout; it is a very attractive book that is perfect for all kinds of uses. It would make a lovely Book of Shadows, ritual journal, or personal prayer or poetry book. You can turn it into a personal diary or use it as a travel journal to record your thoughts and observations while away from home. This book would also make a lovely gift for someone you care about.

Like all my blank journals, each one is hand bound using traditional book binding techniques. The pages are stitched together using linen thread and then set into a rigid cover. This book is case bound, which means it has a fixed spine just like a traditional hard cover book. Unlike some of the other journals I offer, this one does not open flat and so may not be comfortable for left-handed writers or for people who wish to use two pages at once for sketching or writing. If you would like a book featuring the same paper and red book cloth binding that does open flat, just message me and I will prepare one for you.

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MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWhew, what a week! I’ve been quite busy since the release of the Odin devotional at the beginning of the month and I only have *one* copy remaining. I’m also down to my final copy of the Loki devotional, too. Tomorrow I’ll get more copies printed and I’ll spend some time making a new batch.

Thanks for the enthusiastic reception. I so pleased to have been able to offer something that people find so meaningful. And good news – I’m on the first stages of formatting the next volume. Any guesses as to who it might be for?

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Odin devotional giveaway conclusion

Thank you to everyone who participated in my first giveaway. The drawing took place this morning and the winner has been contacted by email.

There are only *two* copies of the devotional left in the shop.  I’ll certainly be making more but it’ll take a bit of time to do another run of printing and put them all together so I’d suggest getting one now if you were thinking of making a reading of the Havamal part of your Midsummer observances.

I’ve got several other devotional volumes in mind, as well as a fairly ambitious plan for a special edition release. I’ve also got a number of beading projects that I’ve been slowly completing, too. Alas, for now I’ll have to put aside a lot of my projects to focus on my jobs and some personal writing projects that have been a bit neglected.

Oh, yeah – this week I’ll be applying as a card reader at a local business that’s interested in expanding the divination services they offer. I’ve read professionally since I was around 18 but took a long break while I was in school. It’s work I really love to do and offering readings through my shop has been a great way to stretch those psychic muscles again. Even though I try to replicate as much as possible the experience of an in-person reading (I take pictures of the spread and the cards for my client and a dedicated candle is used in a ritual space), a one-on-one reading is still a unique experience.

Well, I’ve got lots to do today so I better sign off. Thanks again to everyone who participated in this contest. I’m not sure when I’ll do another drawing but I’ll be sure to let you know when I do!

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