Necklaces for Deity Statues – New in the shop!

Just added – four beautiful necklaces perfectly sized for your favorite deity statues. These necklaces have been designed to complement icon figures produced by popular manufactures like Dryad Designs, Sacred Source, and PTC. Of course, if you’re like me, you have home made icons that need dressing up!

Mother Laufey!

Mother Laufey!

Each necklace is handmade using quality materials for lasting beauty. A silver tone lobster clasp lets you easily place and remove the necklace on a wide range of figures. These particular necklaces look best on figures between 7 – 13 inches tall. Laufey, pictured, is 12 inches tall and has a neck circumference of 4.5 inches. She’s wearing the Sunset Pearl necklace.


Also added are the Blue Sea Star necklace (pictured above), the Iron and Amber necklace, and the Purple Butterfly necklace (both pictured below).


Iron and Amber Necklace


Purple Butterfly Necklace

If you have any questions about these necklaces, just let me know! I can also make custom necklaces incorporating colors and semi-precious stones of your choice.

(Sorry, the Laufey doll isn’t for sale!)

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